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Be on guard and keep your physical properties safe and locked by learning about the different types of locks that you can use for all sorts of locks and purposes.

There are different types of locks available but choosing the best fit worth the time and money. there are many different types of locks but the four most common Locks are

  1. Padlocks
  2. Deadbolts
  3. Knob Locks
  4. Levers

Padlocks: Padlocks are portable lock and typically never permanently attached to anything. They utilize a shackle to secure the item of interest and come in an array of sizes.

Deadbolts: Deadbolts are most commonly found on external doors to residential homes and are usually accompanied by a knob lock. Deadbolts utilize a rotating cylinder that drives a bolt into the door frame that cannot be retracted until the locking cylinder is once again rotated.

Knob Locks: Knob locks are primarily used on both internal and external door as locking device in residential houses.

Levers Lock: These locks are commonly found on the inner doors of commercial buildings. They use a lever that can either swing up or down to release the bolt.

Except that there are locks like Cam locks, Rim/Mortise locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Wall Mounted Locks.

Choosing the right locking mechanism will keep your property secure.